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MRM New Inventory: Agalloch, Genesis, Queensryche, Saxon, The Mars Volta…

Agalloch: Faustian Echoes EP CD 2012 Dammerung Arts Records KH 007 Digipak CD $24.00
Agalloch: The Demonstration Archive 1996-1998 – Exclusive Edition CD 2008 Licht CD $29.00
Def Leppard: Pyromania CD 1983 Mercury / PolyGram Records USA 810 308-2 Original CD $10.00
Genesis: A Trick Of The Tail – Definitive Edition CD 1994 Remaster Atco 82688-2 CD $9.00
Genesis: Live – Definitive Edition CD 1994 Remaster Atlantic Records 82676-2 CD $9.00
Genesis: Live – The Way We Walk Volume One – The Shorts CD 1992 Atlantic 82452-2 CD $5.00
Genesis: Live – The Way We Walk Volume Two – The Longs – Limited Edition CD 1993 CD $6.00
Genesis: Seconds Out – Definitive Edition 2 CD Set 1994 Remaster Atlantic 826892 CD $12.00
Genesis: Selling England By The Pound – Definitive Edition CD 1994 Remaster Atlantic CD $9.00
Genesis: We Can’t Dance CD 1991 Atlantic Records USA 7 82344-2 Original CD $5.00
Impellitteri: Victim Of The System CD 1996 Remaster Victor Japan VICP-2124 w OBI CD $12.00
Queensryche: Operation LIVEcrime CD 2001 Bonus Tracks Remaster EMI Records USA CD $9.00
Queensryche: S/T ST Self Titled Same CD 2013 Century Media Records USA CM 9044-2 CD $10.00
Saxon: The Inner Sanctum CD + DVD 2 Disc Set 2007 Steamhammer Germany SPV 9592A CD/DVD $14.00
The Mars Volta: Amputechture CD 2006 Universal Records B0007214-02 Original CD $6.00
The Mars Volta: De-Loused In The Comatorium CD 2003 Universal B0000593-02 BMG CD $6.00
The Mars Volta: Frances The Mute CD 2005 Universal Records B0004129-02 Original CD $6.00
The Mars Volta: The Bedlam In Goliath CD + DVD Set 2008 Universal B0010617-02 CD/DVD $9.00
The Mars Volta: Tremulant EP CD 2002 Gold Standard Laboratories GSL54CD Digipak CD $9.00

MRM New Inventory: Bloodbath, Destroying Divinity, Haken, Human Mincer, Long Distance Calling, Messenger,Painted Wives…

Acrania: Totalitarian Dystopia CD 2014 Unique Leader Records USA ULR12060-2 CD $9.00
Anarkhon: Obesidade Morbida CD 2014 Bonus Tracks Soul Erazer Records SE014 CD $7.00
Between The Buried And Me: The Parallax II – Future Sequence CD 2012 2 Digibook CD $9.00
Bloodbath: Resurrection Through Carnage CD 2002 Century Media Records 8155-2 CD $10.00
Cenotaph: Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium CD ECD 2003 United Gutteral Records UGR 025 CD $9.00
Coffins: The Fleshland CD 2013 Relapse Records USA RR7209 CD $9.00
Countess: The Gospel Of The Horned One CD 2014 Heidens Hart HH110CD New Era NEP29 CD $11.00
Destroying Divinity: Created CD 2002 Grodhaisn Productions Czech Republic GRO003 CD $8.00
Destroying Divinity: Dark Future CD 2010 Brutal Bands Canada BB022 CD $8.00
Destroying Divinity: Hollow Dominion CD 2014 Lavadome Productions Czech LDME VI CD $8.00
Disturbed: Asylum CD 2010 Reprise Warner Music Argentina 524038-2 / 9362-49664-8 CD $7.00
Egemony: Baptism Of The Unborn CD 2008 Bonus Tracks Nice To Eat You NTEY 028 CD $9.00
Exhumed: Necrocracy CD 2013 Relapse Records USA RR7205-2 CD $9.00
Gastorrexis: Grotesque Human Disfigurement CD 2010 Sevared Records USA SR-137 CD $9.00
Grave: Out Of Respect For The Dead CD 2015 Century Media USA Records 9301-2 NEW CD $13.00
Haken: Affinity 2 CD Set 2016 Century Media USA / InsideOut Music Digipak NEW CD $14.00
Haken: Restoration EP CD 2014 Century Media USA / InsideOut Music 0506942 NEW CD $11.00
Haken: The Mountain CD 2013 Bonus Tracks Century Media USA / InsideOut Music NEW CD $13.00
Hour Of Penance: Paradogma CD 2010 Unique Leader Records USA ULR12008-2 CD $9.00
Human Mincer: Embryonized CD 2002 XTreem Music Spain XM 001 CD Original CD $14.00
Ingurgitate: Bleeding His Sacred Kingship CD 2008 Bonus Tracks Ossuary Ind. O104 CD $8.00
Jungle Rot: Fueled By Hate CD 2004 Century Media / Olympic Records OLY 0239-2 CD $9.00
Long Distance Calling: Trips CD 2016 Bonus Track Century Media / InsideOut NEW CD $13.00
Maximize Bestiality: Extraterrestrial Skolexomorphic Infestation CD 2014 RNR 029 CD $9.00
Messenger: Threnodies CD 2016 Bonus Track Century Media / InsideOut Music NEW CD $13.00
Mordant: Momento Mori CD 2004 Agonia Records Poland ARcd021 CD $9.00
Mourning Beloveth: Formless 2 CD Set 2013 Grau Records Germany GRAU 023 CD $14.00
Municipal Waste: Hazardous Mutation CD 2005 Earache USA Records MOSH 323CD CD $11.00
Necroexophilia: Frantic Visions Of A Xenogod CD 2015 CDN Records Canada CDNNEC01 CD $9.00
Necromorphic Irruption: Slaughter On The Earth CD 2013 Show No Mercy Recs SNM006 CD $9.00
Painted Wives: Obsessed With The End CD 2016 Century Media Records Digipak NEW CD $11.00
Paradise Lost: In Requiem CD 2007 Century Media Records USA CM 8337-2 CD $9.00
Ptahil: For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory CD 2011 Wraith Productions WRAITH 014 NEW CD $9.00
The Dark Prison Massacre: A Blood Clot Ejaculation CD 2015 Pathologically PER063 CD $9.00

MRM New Inventory: Ahab, Hellfueled, Nile, Pathology, Septycal Gorge, Tentacle…

Ahab: The Call Of The Wretched Sea CD 2006 Napalm Records Germany NPR 198 CD $10.00
Ahab: The Giant – Limited Edition CD 2012 Bonus Track Napalm Rec Germany Digipak CD $14.00
Badass Commander: Bad Intentions CD 2016 PRC Music Canada PRC56 CD $9.00
Caliban vs. Heaven Shall Burn: The Split Program CD 2004 Lifeforce Records LFR 019-2 CD $14.00
Connoisseur: Stoner Justice CD 2015 Tankcrimes Records TC87 CD $9.00
Dog Fashion Disco: Ad Nauseam CD 2015 Rotten Records 3053-2 CD $9.00
Grave Miasma: Odori Sepulcrorum CD 2013 Profound Lore Records PFL122 Digipak CD $14.00
Hellfueled: Emission Of Sins CD 2009 Black Lodge Records Sweden BLOD061CD CD $9.00
Hellfueled: Memories In Black CD 2007 Black Lodge Records Sweden BLOD 059CD CD $9.00
Hellfueled: Volume One CD ECD 2005 1 Bonus Nuclear Blast Records USA NB 1526-2 CD $8.00
Malevolent Force: Descent Into The Abyss CD 2015 Stormspell Records SSR-TK159 NEW CD $11.00
Nile: Those Whom The Gods Detest CD 2009 Nuclear Blast USA Records NB 2224-2 CD $9.00
Olde Crone: S/T ST Self Same CD 2009 Psychedoomelic Records Austria PSY-042 CD $9.00
Pathology: Awaken To The Suffering CD 2009 Victory Records VR650 CD $9.00
Pathology: The Time Of Great Purification CD 2012 Victory Records VR746105067622 CD $10.00
Pig Destroyer: Book Burner CD 2012 Relapse Records RR7127 Jewel Case CD $9.00
Sacrilege: Behind The Realms Of Madness CD 2015 Relapse Records RR7318 Original CD $9.00
Salems Pot: Lurar Ut Dig Pa Prarien CD 2014 Easy Rider Records EZRDR-022 Digipak CD $10.00
Sargeist: The Rebirth Of A Cursed Existence CD 2013 World Terror Germany WTC 095 CD $12.00
Septycal Gorge: Growing Seeds Of Decay CD 2012 Comatose Music coma 059 Digipak CD $9.00
Septycal Gorge: Scourge Of The Formless Breed CD 2014 Comatose Music COMA 078 CD $9.00
Spirit Of Rebellion: The Enslavement Process CD 2015 PRC Music Canada PRC52 CD $9.00
Suffocation: Pinnacle Of Bedlam CD 2013 Nuclear Blast USA NB 3004-2 Original CD $9.00
Tentacle: Ingot Eye CD 2014 Drone Doom Metal PRC Music Canada PRC30 CD $8.00
Trap Them: Seizures In Barren Praise CD 2008 Deathwish Inc. DW78 Gatefold Slipcase CD $8.00
Twitch Of The Death Nerve: A New Lode Of Morality CD 2014 Comatose Music COMA 074 CD $9.00
V/A: Ronnie James Dio – This Is Your Life CD 2014 Rhino R2 541879 Gatefold Digipak CD $9.00
While Heaven Wept: Suspended At Aphelion CD 2014 Metalville Germany MV0064 CD $10.00
Zemial: Nykta CD 2013 Hells Headbangers Records HELLS 333 CD $9.00

MRM New Inventory: Agalloch, Amon Amarth, Avulsed, Borknagar, Dawn, Helheim, Phobocosm, Soulburn…

Agalloch: Ashes Against The Grain CD 2006 The End Records TE070 CD $14.00
Amon Amarth: Jomsviking CD 2016 Metal Blade Records 3984-15449-2 Digibook NEW CD $13.00
Area: The Falcon CD 2010 Karthago / Blower Records Mexico 018-10 CD $9.00
Avulsed: Altar Of Disembowelment EP CD 2015 XTreem Music Spain XM 190 MCD CD $14.00
Blut Aus Nord: The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion + The Fall 2 CD Set 2011 Digipak CD $11.00
Borknagar: S/T ST Self Titled Same CD 2004 Displeased Records Holland D-00126 CD $19.00
Craving Angel: Dark Horse – Limited Edition CD 2014 Minotauro Italy M 2014-4 CD $18.00
Crywolf: Anthology CD 2014 Cry Wolf No Remorse Records Greece NRR048 CD $14.00
Damian Murdoch Trio: Electric Tentacles CD 2015 Prosthetic Records PROS102212 CD $9.00
Dawn: Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh CD 2014 Century Media Germany 9984172 NEW CD $10.00
Dragged Into Sunlight: Hatred For Mankind CD 2010 Prosthetic Records 10083-2 CD $10.00
Grimmstine: S/T ST Self Titled Same CD 2008 Heavy Metal Gatefold Slipcase CD $10.00
Helheim: Raunijar CD 2015 Karisma & Dark Essence Records AS Norway KAR100CD CD $12.00
Killing Joke: Pylon – Special Edition 2 CD Set 2015 Bonus Disc Spinefarm Records CD $16.00
Kowloon Walled City: Grievances CD 2015 Neurot Recordings NR097 Gatefold Case CD $10.00
Phobocosm: Bringer Of Drought CD 2016 Dark Descent Records DDR156CD NEW CD $12.00
Rebellion: Unreleased Sessions CD 2014 Sonic Age / Cult Metal Classics Greece CD $12.00
Shattered Sun: Hope Within Hatred CD 2015 Victory Records VR727 CD $9.00
Soulburn: The Suffocating Darkness – Special Edition CD 2014 Bonus CM Germany NEW CD $14.00
Tear Out The Heart: Dead, Everywhere CD 2014 Victory Records VR705-2 CD $8.00
Wreckmeister Harmonies: Night Of Your Ascension CD 2015 Thrill Jockey Records CD $10.00

MRM New Inventory: Artillery, Emperor, Hammerfall, Iced Earth, Impaled Nazarene, Kalmah, Rotting Christ…

Artillery: When Death Comes CD 2009 Bonus Tracks Metal Mind MASS 1281 DG Digipak CD $15.00
Bewitched: At The Gates Of Hell CD 1999 Osmose Prod. Norway OPCD 076 Original CD $14.00
Darkthrone: Hate Them CD 2003 Moonfog Productions / The End Records USA TE034 CD $10.00
Dimmu Borgir: Enthrone Darkness Triumphant CD 1997 Nuclear NB-247-2 Original CD $14.00
Emperor: In The Nightside Eclipse CD 1995 Century Black USA 7759-2 Original CD $29.00
Guns N’ Roses: Use Your Illusion II CD 1991 2 Geffen Records GEFD-24420 CD $6.00
Hammerfall: Glory To The Brave CD 1997 Nuclear Blast Germany 27361 62652 Original CD $14.00
Hammerfall: Legacy Of Kings CD 1998 Nuclear Blast Germany 27361 63325 Original CD $12.00
Iced Earth: Night Of The Stormrider 1992 Century Media Recs CM 7727-2 Original CD $39.00
Impaled Nazarene: All That You Fear CD 2004 The End Records / Osmose OPCD 2152 CD $14.00
Impaled Nazarene: Rapture CD 1998 Osmose Productions Norway OPCD 2152 Original CD $24.00
Jag Panzer: Thane To The Throne CD 2000 Century Media Records 7993-2 Original CD $24.00
Kalmah: Swampsong CD 2003 Ranka Spinefarm / Century Media Records USA CM 8178-2 CD $19.00
Metallica: Reload CD 1997 Time Warner / EMI / Elektra Records 62126-2 Original CD $6.00
Metallica: Ride The Lightning CD 1984 Asylum / Elektra Records USA 9 60396-2 CD $9.00
Nocturnal Rites: New World Messiah CD ECD 2004 Century Media Records USA 8223-2 CD $12.00
Old Man’s Child: Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion CD 1998 Century Black 7919-2 CD $14.00
Rotting Christ: Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers CD 1996 Century Black 7828-2 Original CD $39.00

MRM New Inventory: Animals As Leaders, Beastmilk, Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn, Lacrimas Profundere, Poinsonblack, Sentenced, Unearth…

Animals As Leaders: S/T ST Self Same – Encore Edition CD 2015 Bonus Tracks NEW CD $14.00
Beastmilk: Climax CD 2013 Svart Records Finland SVR242CD NEW CD $11.00
Blind Guardian: Live 2 CD Set 2003 Century Media Records USA CM 8130-2 CD $12.00
Caliban: Say Hello To Tragedy CD 2009 Century Media Records USA CM 8647-2 CD $8.00
Caliban: The Awakening CD 2007 Century Media Records USA CM 8424-2 CD $7.00
Caliban: The Opposite From Within CD 2004 Abacus Recordings 0009-2 Original CD $9.00
Dream Evil: United 2 CD Set 2006 First Pressing Bonus Disc Century Media 8270-2 CD $12.00
Dream Theater: Train Of Thought CD ECD 2003 Elektra EastWest Records America CD $8.00
Edge Of Sanity: Crimson I & II Double 2 LP Vinyl Record Set 2011 Black Mark NEW LP $29.00
Frozen Ocean: The Dyson Swarm CD 2014 Kristallblut Records Germany KBR013 Digipak CD $9.00
Heaven Shall Burn: Antigone – Limited Special Edition 2 CD Set 2012 CM Germany CD $16.00
Heaven Shall Burn: Deaf To Our Prayers CD + DVD Set 2006 Bonus Disc CM 8326-2 CD/DVD $11.00
Heaven Shall Burn: Invictus Iconoclast III – Limited Edition CD + DVD Box Set 2010 CD/DVD $24.00
Heaven Shall Burn: Veto / 500 Live 2 CD Set 2013 Century Media 9035-2 Digipak CD $11.00
Heiden: Tinne CD 2007 Naga Productions Czech Republic NAGA 003 Original CD $8.00
Iced Earth: Dystopia Limited Special Edition 2 CD Set 2012 Century Media Germany CD $14.00
King’s X: Live Love In London – Limited Edition DVD + 2 CD Box Set 2010 USA NEW DVD/CD $22.00
Lacrimas Profundere: Again It’s Over EP CD 2006 Napalm Records Germany NPR 191 CD $9.00
Lacrimas Profundere: Fall, I Will Follow CD 2002 Napalm Records Germany NPR 111 CD $8.00
Lacrimas Profundere: Songs For The Last View – Limited Edition CD + DVD Set 2008 CD/DVD $14.00
Lacrimas Profundere: The Grandiose Nowhere Limited CD 2010 Bonus Tracks Digipak CD $9.00
Lost Horizon: A Flame To The Ground Beneath CD 2003 Koch Records KOC-CD-8656 CD $9.00
Oniricous: Ritos Diabolicos CD 2013 Razorback Records USA RR75 CD $9.00
Paradise Lost: One Second CD 2012 Bonus Tracks Sony UK / The End Records TE231-2 CD $8.00
Poisonblack: A Dead Heavy Day CD + DVD Set 2008 Century Media Records CM 8440-2 CD/DVD $10.00
Poisonblack: Lust Stained Despair CD 2006 Century Media Records USA CM 8213-2 CD $8.00
Secrets Of The Sky: To Sail Black Waters CD 2013 Kolony Records KR015CD Digipak CD $9.00
Sentenced: Crimson CD ECD 2000 Century Media Records USA CM 8046-2 Original CD $9.00
Sentenced: The Funeral Album CD 2005 Century Media Records USA CM 8246-2 Original CD $9.00
Serpentor: Privacion Ilegitima De La Libertad CD 2009 Icarus Music Argentina 580 CD $9.00
Unearth: III – In The Eyes Of Fire – Special Edition CD 2006 Metal Blade Digipak CD $7.00
Unearth: The March – Limited Special Edition CD + DVD Set 2009 Bonus Tracks USA CD/DVD $9.00

MRM New Inventory: Abscess, Allegiance, Anathema, Benediction, Eths, Jack The Ripper, Khold, Salvacion…

Abscess: Horrorhammer CD 2007 Peaceville UK CDVILEF165 Super Jewel Box NEW CD $12.00
Allegiance: D.e.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n. CD 1994 Id / Phonogram Pty. Ltd. ID00172 Original CD $39.00
Anathema: Distant Satellites – Limited Edition CD + DVD Set 2014 KScope Digibook NEW CD/DVD $14.00
Benediction: The Dreams You Dread CD 1995 Nuclear Blast USA / Relapse NBA 6873-2 CD $19.00
Carpathian Forest: Morbid Fascination Of Death CD 2007 Bonus Tracks Digipak NEW CD $9.00
Christian Death: Jesus Points The Bone At You? CD 1993 Century Media CM7742-2 CD $8.00
Cradle Of Filth: Midnight In The Labyrinth 2 CD Set 2012 Peaceville Digibook NEW CD $20.00
Dantesco: S/T ST Self Same – Limited Edition CD 2011 Stormspell SSR-DL60 NEW CD $10.00
Desecrate: Collective CD 1997 MediaWorld Records Canada MWCD10039 Original CD $19.00
Destruction: Sentence Of Death / Infernal Overkill CD 2004 SPV 85-7529 NEW CD $14.00
Diabolical Masquerade: Ravendusk In My Heart CD 2007 Peaceville Germany Digipak NEW CD $13.00
Eths: Ankaa CD 2016 Season Of Mist Records SOM 354 Jewel Case NEW CD $14.00
Eths: Autopsie / Samantha 2 CD Set 2003 Season Of Mist Records SOM 292 NEW CD $14.00
Eths: III 2012 3 Season Of Mist Records USA SOM 255E Jewel Case NEW CD $8.00
Eths: Soma CD 2012 Bonus Tracks Season Of Mist Records SOM 262 Jewel Case NEW CD $14.00
Eths: Teratologie 2007 Season Of Mist Records SOM 168JC Jewel Case NEW CD $11.00
Hidden Menace: Songs From The Black Sea CD 1999 Thrash / Speed Metal 042899 CD $9.00
Jack The Ripper: Tortured And Twisted + Blood Bath EP + Demos CD 2016 HHR032 NEW CD $14.00
Khold: Masterpiss Of Pain CD 2011 Bonus Track Peaceville UK CDVILED328 Box NEW CD $11.00
Mandatory Suicide / Abismo Negro: Shout To The Crow / Torture – Split CD 1994 Original CD $29.00
Morbid Angel: Illud Divinum Insanus CD 2011 Season Of Mist SOM 222 Jewel Case NEW CD $8.00
Morgoth: Ungod CD 2015 Century Media Records CM 9224-2 Digipak NEW CD $13.00
My Dying Bride: Introducing 2 CD Set 2012 Best Of Greatest Hits Compilation NEW CD $10.00
Narval: S/T ST Self Titled Same CD 2009 Stormspell Limited Edition SSR-DL25 NEW CD $10.00
Opera IX: Call Of The Wood CD 2009 Bonus Tracks Peaceville UK CDVILED223 Box NEW CD $11.00
Ordained Fate: Demo Anthology CD 2014 Stormspell Records SSR-RWH125 NEW CD $11.00
Possession: The Unnameable Suffering EP CD 1993 Christian Thrash Death Original CD $39.00
Reign Of Fury: World Detonation CD 2013 Stormspell Records SSR-DL95 NEW CD $9.00
Salvacion: Way More Unstoppable – Redux CD 2016 Heaven & Hell Records HHR031 NEW CD $11.00
Septicflesh: The Great Mass Limited Edition CD DVD Set 2011 SOM 229D Digipak NEW CD/DVD $18.00
Stereo Nasty: Nasty By Nature CD 2015 Stormspell Records SSR-DL-169 NEW CD $12.00
Traitor: Thrash Command CD 2013 Stormspell Records SSR-DL96 NEW CD $12.00
Tyrant’s Reign: Year Of The Tyrants CD Bonus Track Stormspell SSR-RWH102 NEW CD $13.00
Ulver: Wars Of The Roses Limited Deluxe CD 2011 Jester / KScope EU Digibook NEW CD $9.00
Vanlade: Iron Age CD 2012 Stormspell Records Slaney 014 NEW CD $10.00
Wargasm: Satan Stole My Lunch Money – Deluxe Expanded Edition CD 2014 SSR NEW CD $14.00