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MRM New Inventory: AC/DC, G N’ R, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Tool…

AC/DC: Highway To Hell CD 1994 Remaster Atlantic ATCO Records 92419-2 CD $6.00
AC/DC: Live – Special Collector’s Edition 2 CD Set 1992 ATCO Records Tall Case CD $24.00
AC/DC: Live CD ECD 2003 Remaster Sony Music / Epic Records EK 80214 Digipak CD $7.00
Coheed And Cambria: The Second Stage Turbine Blade CD 2002 Equal Vision evr 67 CD $7.00
Def Leppard: Vault – Greatest Hits 1980-1995 CD 1995 Best Of Mercury Records USA CD $7.00
Dire Straits: S/T ST Self Titled Same CD 1978 / 1983 Warner Bros. 3266-2 Original CD $7.00
Foo Fighters: Skin And Bones CD 2006 Sony Music / RCA Records 82876 88857-2 CD $8.00
George Thorogood & The Destroyers: Born To Be Bad CD 1988 EMI Records / BMG CD $7.00
Guns N’ Roses: Appetite For Destruction CD 1987 Geffen Records 9 24148-2 CD $6.00
Guns N’ Roses: Greatest Hits CD 2004 Best Of Geffen Records B0001714-02 Digipak CD $8.00
Guns N’ Roses: Use Your Illusion I CD 1991 Geffen Records GEFD-24415 CD $6.00
Judas Priest: Hell Bent For Leather CD 1986 CBS Columbia Recs CK 35706 Original CD $14.00
Led Zeppelin: IV CD 1994 4 Zoso Symbols Reissue Atlantic Records 19129-2 / BMG CD $9.00
Pearl Jam: Immagine In Cornice DVD 2007 Monkey Wrench / Warner USA R2-288636 DVD $14.00
Pink Floyd: Obscured By Clouds CD 1987 Capitol Records CDP 7 46385 2 Original CD $10.00
Queensryche: Empire CD 2003 Remaster Bonus Tracks EMI Capitol Records / BMG CD $8.00
Sevendust: Seasons CD PA 2003 TVT Records TV-5990-2 Digipak CD $7.00
Stone Temple Pilots: Core CD 1992 STP Atlantic Records 7 82418-2 Original CD $6.00
System Of A Down: Hypnotize CD / DVD + Mezmerize 2 CD Set 2005 American Digipaks CD/DVD $11.00
Talking Heads: Fear Of Music CD 1987 David Byrne Sire Records 6076-2 Original CD $8.00
The Offspring: Greatest Hits CD / DVD DualDisc 2005 Best Of Sony / Columbia CD/DVD $8.00
The Pretenders: Learning To Crawl CD 1984 WEA / Sire Records 9 23980-2 Original CD $7.00
Tool: Lateralus CD 2001 Volcano Records Original CD $8.00

MRM New Inventory: Decapitated, Dying Fetus, God Dethroned, Grave Cross, Mastodon,Meshuggah, Morbid Angel, Nile, Proclamation

Decapitated: Nihility CD 2001 Wicked World / Earache Records MOSH 255CD Original CD $14.00
Decapitated: Organic Hallucinosis CD 2005 Earache Records MOSH 321CD Original CD $14.00
Decapitated: The First Damned CD 2000 Metal Mind Records Poland MMP 0112 Digipak CD $24.00
Decapitated: The Negation CD 2004 Bonus Track Earache MOSH 274CD Slipcase CD $14.00
Decapitated: Winds Of Creation CD 2000 Wicked World / Earache WICK 11CD Original CD $14.00
Dying Fetus: Descend Into Depravity CD 2009 Relapse Records RR 7054 Jewel Case CD $10.00
Dying Fetus: Destroy The Opposition CD 2000 Relapse RR 6463-2 SIGNED BOOKLET CD $14.00
Dying Fetus: Grotesque Impalement CD 2000 Blunt Force Records BFR 004 Original CD $10.00
Dying Fetus: Infatuation With Malevolence CD 2000 Blunt Force BFR 003 Original CD $10.00
Dying Fetus: Killing On Adrenaline CD 2000 Blunt Force BFR 002 SIGNED BOOKLET CD $14.00
Dying Fetus: Purification Through Violence CD 2000 Blunt Force BFR 001 Original CD $10.00
Dying Fetus: Reign Supreme CD 2012 Relapse Records RR 7176 Jewel Case CD $10.00
Dying Fetus: Stop At Nothing CD 2003 Relapse Records RR 6549-2 Original CD $9.00
Dying Fetus: War Of Attrition CD 2007 Relapse Records RR 6704-2 SIGNED BOOKLET CD $14.00
God Dethroned: Bloody Blasphemy CD 1999 Metal Blade Records 3984-14247-2 CD $8.00
God Dethroned: Into The Lungs Of Hell 2 CD Set 2003 Metal Blade 3984-14409-2 CD $9.00
God Dethroned: Ravenous CD 2001 Metal Blade Records 3984-14362-2 CD $7.00
God Dethroned: The Grand Grimoire CD 1997 Metal Blade Records 3984-14148-2 CD $9.00
God Dethroned: The Lair Of The White Worm CD 2005 Metal Blade Recs 3984-14514-2 CD $8.00
God Dethroned: The Toxic Touch CD 2006 Metal Blade Records 3984-14587-2 CD $7.00
Grave Cross: Nothing But The Night EP CD 2016 Stormspell Records SSR-DL-178 NEW CD $8.00
Mastodon: Blood Mountain CD 2006 Relapse / Reprise Records RR 44364-2 CD $9.00
Mastodon: Leviathan – Limited Ozzfest Edition CD ECD 2006 Bonus Videos Slipcase CD $14.00
Mastodon: Remission CD 2002 Relapse Records RR 6583-2 CD $8.00
Meshuggah: Catch Thirtythr33 CD 2005 Thirty-Three 33 Nuclear Blast USA Slipcase CD $10.00
Meshuggah: Chaosphere CD 1998 Nuclear Blast GmbH USA NB 6336-2 Original CD $10.00
Meshuggah: Destroy Erase Improve CD 2001 Nuclear Blast USA Records NB 6874-2 CD $11.00
Meshuggah: I EP CD 2004 Fractured Transmitter Records USA FTRC 001 Original CD $10.00
Morbid Angel: Altars Of Madness CD 1989 Combat Earache Relativity 88561-2022-2 CD $24.00
Morbid Angel: Domination CD 1995 Giant Records USA 9 24612-2 Original CD $9.00
Morbid Angel: Formulas Fatal To The Flesh CD 1998 Earache Records MOSH 180 CD $9.00
Morbid Angel: Gateways To Annihilation CD 2000 Earache Records MOSH 235 CD CD $9.00
Morbid Angel: Heretic / Bonus Levels Limited 2 CD Set 2003 Earache MOSH 272 CD $10.00
Nile: Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka CD 1998 Relapse Records RR 6983-2 CD $9.00
Nile: Annihilation Of The Wicked CD 2005 Relapse Records RR 6630-2 Digipak CD $9.00
Nile: Black Seeds Of Vengeance CD 2000 Relapse Records RR 6448-2 CD $9.00
Nile: In The Beginning CD 2006 Anubis / Megaforce Records MEGA2075 CD $9.00
Proclamation: Advent Of The Black Omen CD 2006 Nuclear War ANTI-GOTH 050 NEW CD $16.00
Proclamation: Messiah Of Darkness And Impurity CD 2008 Nuclear ANTI-GOTH 088 NEW CD $16.00

MRM New Inventory: Cannibal Corpse, Chthe’ilist, Slayer, Vital Remains, Walpurgis Night…

Billy Joel: Turnstiles CD 1976 CBS / Columbia Records CK 33848 Original CD $5.00
Cannibal Corpse: Bloodthirst CD PA 1999 Metal Blade Records w/ SIGNED BOOKLET CD $24.00
Cannibal Corpse: Butchered At Birth CD ECD PA 2002 Bonus Track Video Metal Blade CD $9.00
Cannibal Corpse: Eaten Back To Life CD ECD PA 2002 Bonus Track Video Metal Blade CD $9.00
Cannibal Corpse: Evisceration Plague CD DVD Set 2009 Metal Blade Records Digipak CD/DVD $12.00
Cannibal Corpse: Gallery Of Suicide CD PA 1998 Metal Blade Records SIGNED BOOKLET CD $24.00
Cannibal Corpse: Gore Obsessed CD 2002 Metal Blade Records 3984-14390-2 Slipcase CD $10.00
Cannibal Corpse: Kill CD 2006 Metal Blade Records 3984-14560-2 w/ SIGNED BOOKLET CD $24.00
Cannibal Corpse: The Bleeding CD ECD 2006 Bonus Track + Video Metal Blade Digipak CD $10.00
Cannibal Corpse: The Wretched Spawn CD DVD Set 2004 Metal Blade Records Digipak CD/DVD $12.00
Cannibal Corpse: Tomb Of The Mutilated CD PA 2002 Metal Blade Recs 3984-14427-2 CD $10.00
Cannibal Corpse: Vile CD PA 1996 Metal Blade Recs 3984-14204-2 w/ SIGNED BOOKLET CD $29.00
Chthe’ilist: Le Dernier Crepuscule CD 2016 Profound Lore Records PFL160 NEW CD $12.00
D.O.A. Magazine Issue # 666 DOA Death Metal – Includes Sevared Compilation CD NEW MAG $6.66
Embalmer: There Was Blood Everywhere CD 1997 Relapse Records RR 6970-2 CD $9.00
Iced Earth: Something Wicked This Way Comes 1998 Century Media 7914-2 Original CD $13.00
Megadeth: Dystopia – Deluxe Best Buy Edition CD 2016 Bonus Tracks VR Goggles NEW CD $34.00
Skinless: Trample The Weak Hurdle The Dead CD 2006 Relapse Records RR 6446-2 CD $9.00
Slayer: Christ Illusion CD PA 2006 American Recordings 44300-2 Original CD $8.00
Slayer: Diabolus In Musica CD PA 1998 American Recordings CK 69192 Original CD $8.00
Slayer: Divine Intervention CD PA 1994 American Recordings 314 586 800-2 CD $8.00
Slayer: God Hates Us All CD PA 2001 American Recordings 314 586 331-2 CD $8.00
Slayer: Reign In Blood – Expanded Edition CD PA 2002 American 314 586 796-2 CD $9.00
Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss CD PA 2002 American Recordings 314 586 798-2 CD $10.00
Slayer: South Of Heaven CD PA 2002 American Recordings 314 586 797-2 CD $9.00
Splattered Cadaver: Human Stew CD 2006 Sevared Records / Burning Dogma SR-023 CD $9.00
The Wandering Midget: Serpent Coven CD 2008 Eyes Like Snow Germany EYE 006 NEW CD $14.00
Vital Remains: Dechristianize CD 2003 Olympic / CM Slipcase w/ SIGNED BOOKLET CD $24.00
Vital Remains: Forever Underground CD 1997 Osmose OPCD 050 w/ SIGNED BOOKLET CD $59.00
Vital Remains: Icons Of Evil CD 2007 Century Media Slipcase w/ SIGNED BOOKLET CD $24.00
Walpurgis Night: Midnight Wanderer CD 2012 My Graveyard Italy MGP-101 NEW CD $12.00
Walpurgis Night: Under The Moonlight CD 2011 My Graveyard Products Italy MGP-079 CD $11.00
War-Head: No Signs Of Armageddon CD 2008 Denim & Leather Records DLR003 NEW CD $10.00
Witchtrap: No Anesthesia CD 2006 Hells Headbangers Records HELLS 011 NEW CD $16.00
Witchunter: Crystal Demons CD 2010 My Graveyard Productions Italy MGP-062 NEW CD $12.00

MRM New Inventory: Boris, Damage, Epitaph, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Vortex…

AC/DC: Back In Black CD 1994 Reissue ATCO Records 92418-2 / BMG CD $5.00
Accept: A Compilation Of The Best Of Balls To The Wall + Restless & Wild CD 1986 CD $5.00
Boris: New Album CD 2011 Sargent House SH-070 Gatefold Slipcase CD $12.00
Damage: Recorded Live Off The Board At CBGB’s CD 1987 CBGB Celluliod CBCD 1001 CD $19.00
Dio: Holy Diver CD 1983 Warner Bros WB Records 9 23836-2 Original CD $7.00
Epitaph: Seeming Salvation – Limited Edition CD 2015 Dark Symphonies DARK45 NEW CD $13.00
Fleshgod Apocalypse: King CD 2016 Nuclear Blast Records NB 3569-2 NEW CD $13.00
Hearse: In These Veins CD 2007 Dental / Candlelight USA Records CDL381CD NEW CD $9.00
Iron Maiden: Somewhere In Time CD ECD 1998 Remaster Sanctuary CK 86214 CD $13.00
Judas Priest: Jugulator CD 1997 Ripper Owens CMC International Recs 06076 86224-2 CD $11.00
Judas Priest: Screaming For Vengeance CD 1982 Columbia CBS CK 38160 Original CD $14.00
Judas Priest: The Essential 2 CD Set 2006 Best Of Collection Columbia / Legacy CD $11.00
Megadeth: Super Collider – Deluxe Best Buy Edition CD 2013 Bonus Tracks UMe NEW CD $24.00
Metallica: S/T ST Self Titled Same CD 1991 Black Album Elektra 961113-2 Original CD $9.00
Ozzy Osbourne: Bark At The Moon CD 1995 22-Bit Remaster Sony Epic EK 67238 CD $9.00
Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard Of Ozz CD 1995 22-Bit Remaster Sony Epic EK 67235 CD $9.00
Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzmosis CD 1995 Sony Epic EK 67091 Original CD $7.00
Ozzy Osbourne: Tribute CD 1995 22-Bit Remaster Sony / Epic EK 67240 CD $9.00
U2: Achtung Baby CD 1991 Island Records 314-510 347-2 / CRC Original CD $4.00
U2: The Unforgettable Fire CD 1984 Island Records Japan Import 90231-2 Original CD $7.00
Valentine: S/T ST Self Titled Same CD 1990 Giant Records Japan WPCP-4068 NEW CD $19.00
Valhalla: S/T ST Self Titled Same CD 2003 Reissue Unisound Records Greece NEW CD $13.00
Velvet Viper: The 4th Quest For Fantasy CD 1992 T.A.O.B. Products SPV Germany NEW CD $10.00
Voodoo Temple: Vessel Of Wrath CD 2003 Heavy Doom Thrash Power Speed Metal NEW CD $9.00
Vortex: Metal Bats / Open The Gate CD 2002 Reissue Unisound Records Greece NEW CD $10.00
White Zombie: Astro-Creep 2000 CD 1995 Geffen Records GEFD-24806 Original CD $5.00
White Zombie: La Sexorcisto Devil Music Vol. 1 CD 1992 Geffen Records Original CD $5.00

MRM New Inventory: Abbath, Mayhem, Mortician, The Casualties…

Abbath: S/T – Limited Collector’s Edition Box Set 2016 Bonus Track SOM 366B NEW CD $24.00
Abbath: S/T ST Self Titled Same CD 2016 Season Of Mist SOM 366D Digipak NEW CD $13.00
Decibel Magazine # 137 March 2016 1991 Yearbook / Sepultura / Publicist UK FLEXI MAG $5.95
Mayhem: A Season In Blasphemy – Grand Declaration Chimera Ordo 3 CD Box Set NEW CD $24.00
Mistress: The Glory Bitches Of Doghead CD 2007 Cargo / FETO Records FETO004 NEW CD $11.00
Mortician: Re-Animated Dead Flesh CD 2005 Crash Music MORT003 NEW CD $15.00
Rata Blanca: El Camino Del Fuego CD ECD 2002 Bonus Track South Metal Productions CD $8.00
The Casualties: Chaos Sound – Limited Collector’s Edition Box Set 2016 SOM NEW CD $19.00
The Casualties: Chaos Sound CD 2016 Season Of Mist Records SOM 368 NEW CD $11.00

MRM New Inventory: Abigail Williams, Akercocke, Behemoth, COF, Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, DHG, MDB, Purtenance…

Abigail Williams: The Accuser CD 2015 Candlelight Records CDL535CD Digipak NEW CD $12.00
Akercocke: The Goat Of Mendes CD 2015 Peaceville UK Recs CDVILED539 Digipak NEW CD $13.00
Autopsy: Born Undead DVD 2012 Bonus Peaceville Records DVDVILE14 Digibook NEW DVD $13.00
Avulsed: Altar Of Disembowelment CD 2015 XTreem Music Spain XM 190 MCD NEW CD $15.00
Behemoth: Abyssus Abyssum Invocat 2 CD Set 2009 Bonus Tracks Peaceville UK NEW CD $14.00
Behemoth: The Apostasy + Ezkaton CD + DVD Set 2014 Peaceville CDVILEDX511 NEW CD/DVD $14.00
Cradle Of Filth: Live Bait For The Dead 2 CD ECD Set 2013 Peaceville CDVILED156 NEW CD $10.00
Cradle Of Filth: Midnight In The Labyrinth 2 CD Set 2012 Peaceville Digibook NEW CD $16.00
Dark Funeral: Attera Totus Sanctus CD 2005 Candlelight USA Records CDL0249CD CD $9.00
Dark Funeral: Diabolis Interium Limited Edn. CD 2001 No Fashion Leather Digipak CD $29.00
Dark Funeral: S/T ST Self Titled Same EP CD 1994 Hellspawn Rec HELL-001 Original CD $29.00
Dark Funeral: Teach Children To Worship Satan EP CD ECD 2000 No Fashion Original CD $29.00
Dark Funeral: Vobiscum Satanas CD 1998 No Fashion Recs Embossed Digipak Original CD $29.00
Dark Sanctuary: Les Memoires Blessees CD 2004 Peaceville Super Jewel Box NEW CD $11.00
Darkthrone: Frostland Tapes Special 3 CD Box Set 2008 Peaceville UK Digibook NEW CD $16.00
Darkthrone: Sempiternal Past – The Demos CD 2012 Peaceville Records Slipcase NEW CD $12.00
Dodheimsgard: Kronet Til Konge 2 CD Set 2015 Peaceville CDVILEDX571 Digipak NEW CD $14.00
Dodheimsgard: Supervillain Outcast 2 CD Set 2012 DHG Bonus Disc Peaceville NEW CD $11.00
Enforcer: Live By Fire – Limited Edition CD + DVD + LP Box Set Book + Poster NEW LP/CD/DVD $79.00
Gallhammer: Gloomy Lights CD 2009 Bonus Tks Peaceville CDVILEF278 Digibook NEW CD $9.00
Gallhammer: The Dawn Of CD DVD Set 2007 Bonus Tracks Peaceville Super Jewel NEW CD/DVD $9.00
Gallhammer: The End CD 2011 Peaceville UK Records CDVILEF316 Slipcase NEW CD $9.00
Gehenna: Murder CD 2012 Bonus Tracks Peaceville Records Germany CDVILED388 NEW CD $11.00
Katatonia: Dead End Kings – Limited Edition CD 2012 Bonus Track Peaceville NEW CD $12.00
Katatonia: Live Consternation CD DVD Set 2007 Peaceville Super Jewel Box NEW CD/DVD $10.00
Khold: Morke Gravers Kammer CD ECD 2012 Bonus Track Peaceville UK CDVILED392H NEW CD $9.00
Madder Mortem: Eight Ways CD 2009 8 Peaceville UK Records CDVILEF246 Digipak NEW CD $9.00
My Dying Bride: An Ode To Woe CD DVD Set 2008 Peaceville CDVILEF207X Digibook NEW CD/DVD $12.00
My Dying Bride: Evinta – Limited Special Edition 2 CD Set 2011 Peaceville UK NEW CD $10.00
My Dying Bride: Like Gods Of The Sun CD 2003 Peaceville Germany CDVILED65 NEW CD $12.00
My Dying Bride: Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light CD 2004 Peaceville Germany NEW CD $12.00
My Dying Bride: The Angel And The Dark River CD 2003 Bonus Tracks UK Digipak NEW CD $12.00
My Dying Bride: The Dreadful Hours CD 2001 Peaceville Recs Germany CDVILE90 NEW CD $12.00
Nocturno Culto’s: The Misanthrope CD + DVD Set 2007 Darkthrone Peaceville UK NEW CD/DVD $12.00
Novembre: The Blue CD 2007 Peaceville UK Records CDVILED288 Super Jewel Box NEW CD $9.00
Obliteration: Perpetual Decay CD 2007 Peaceville UK Records CDVILEF171 NEW CD $9.00
Ophthalamia: A Journey In Darkness CD 2009 Peaceville UK Super Jewel Box NEW CD $9.00
Purtenance: To Spread The Flame Of Ancients CD 2015 XTreem Music Spain XM 189 CD CD $15.00
White Empress: Rise Of The Empress CD 2014 Peaceville Records Slipcase NEW CD $9.00

MRM New Inventory: Catacomb, Damien, Divine Weep, Iron Driver, Leather Heart, Quartz, Shiva, Voltax, Witchcraft…

Catacomb: In The Maze Of Kadath / Lurker At Threshold – Limited Edition CD NEW CD $14.00
Cryer: The Single / Set Me Free – Limited Edition CD 2015 No Remorse Greece NEW CD $17.00
Damien: Memorandum Complete Demo Anthology Limited 2 CD Set 2016 Stormspell NEW CD $14.00
Decapitated: Blood Mantra Deluxe Edition CD DVD Set 2014 Bonus Track Digipak NEW CD/DVD $15.00
Divine Weep: Tears Of The Ages CD 2016 Bonus Track Stormspell SSR-DL-177 NEW CD $12.00
Iron Driver: Prisoner Of Time CD 2016 Stormspell Records SSR-DL-179 NEW CD $10.00
Leather Heart: Comeback CD 2016 Stormspell Records SSR-DL-174 NEW CD $12.00
Marshall Law: Power Crazy EP – Limited Edition CD 2015 No Remorse Rec Greece NEW CD $14.00
Quartz: Against All Odds – Limited Edition CD 2015 No Remorse Records Greece NEW CD $18.00
Shiva: Firedance – Limited Edition CD 2015 No Remorse Records Greece NRR086 NEW CD $16.00
Split Beaver: When Hell Won’t Have You – Limited Edition CD 2015 No Remorse NEW CD $18.00
The Handsome Beasts: Beastiality CD 2015 Bonus Tracks No Remorse Recs Greece NEW CD $16.00
Toby Knapp: The Campaign CD 2010 Shredguy Records SR-7 NEW CD $10.00
Undercroft: Twisted Souls – Limited Edition CD 2015 Dark Symphonies DARK 46 NEW CD $14.00
Usurper: Divine Spiritual And Intellectual Development CD DVD Set 2015 Digi NEW CD/DVD $20.00
Vampyr: Cry Out For Metal – Limited Edition CD 2014 Under Fire Records Mexico CD $12.00
Voltax: Fugitive State Of Mind CD 2010 Under Fire / Blower Records Mexico NEW CD $12.00
Voltax: Hiding Into Flames CD 2013 Sade Records Mexico SA-133 NEW CD $13.00
Witchcraft: Nucleus CD 2016 Bonus Track Nuclear Blast Records 3548-0 Digipak NEW CD $12.00